The team

The Captains

Mary Kyriacou

27 years of experience in heading child preschool education, a psychologist and a parental coach.


Wise and geared

By no means feared

Embraced and loved

Miss Mary chuffed

Agatha Kyriacou

13 years in the field of kindergarten education, a qualified teacher, an art exhibitor and a European Business graduate.


Handy Ags goes about

Running forever all around

Email this, purchase that,

Little to no time for a chat.


All members of staff, who stand proudly as a team, are fully qualified preschool teachers with degrees in preschool teaching. They have been trained by Mary and Agatha Kyriacou so as to fit the TREHANDIRI requirements fully. They are young and dynamic and full of energy and warmth. Meet all the staff one by one.

Maria Georgiou

Gentle and sweet

The preschool tweet

Softly chirping her way

To creative learning at play

Chrysanthi Christodoulou

Organized and smart

She works with all her heart

Loving what she does

Giving us all a buzz

Group D

Maria Kyriakou

Creative yet firm

Please kindly wait your turn

Loving and functional

And perfectly rational

Antonia Kyriakou

A teacher solid and strong

Efficiently coming along

To teach, tend to and assist

A fine executor of the most tasking to do list.

Group C

Panagiota Constantinou

Thriving on pressure

With little great treasures

To teach and to care

To always be fair

Evridiki Georgiou

A turbo power teacher

With skills that multifeature

Organized and attentive

Creative, eager and festive

Group B

Christia Antoniou

A teacher so sweet

Always accommodating

Her patience and nurture

Forever exhilarating

Christiana Iatridou

Subtle and loving

The perfect toddler handling

With understanding and patience

She teaches you the essence

Group A

Chara Athanatou

Where nurture and care

Meets learning its pair

A sound balance

An embracing valance

Marina Panagiotou

The genuine laughter

The joy thereafter

A most loving teacher

With such creative feature

Housekeeping and caretaker

Sharon Charalambous
Housekeeping and caretaker

Sharon is our sunshine

On the cloudiest of days

With her ready full on smile

A rainbow she displays.